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ASD Lighting Offers Unique Products and Local Inventory

Posted by Matt Sedlock

Jan 28, 2016 12:15:40 PM

The world of commercial LED lighting just got a lot better with ASD Lighting. Western Lighting and Energy Controls is proud to announce that ASD Lighting products will be available to all of Western's Southern California territories starting on February 26th. ASD Lighting has been one of the leading brands in commercial lighting in Eastern Europe since 1999. Since establishing themselves in the United States in 2014, there is no doubt that ASD Lighting will become a leading brand in the US as well. ASD provides a wide range of LED lighting fixtures for commercial applications for use in construction, offices, hospitals, schools, and industrial facilities. ASD's goal is to provide high quality products at affordable prices for consumers.
ASD Lighting's most popular products are the LED Edge-Lit Flat Panel and the LED Vapor Proof Fixture. These lighting options, like most of their products, are always in stock and roughly half the price of other leading competitors. The consumer will always be getting a high quality product without breaking the bank, which is a principle that ASD firmly stands by. 
Edge_Lit_Panel_ASD.jpgThe LED Edge-Lit Panel is described as a modern lamp. The main advantages of the panel are that they require no maintenance, are energy efficient, and absent of hazardous materials. The LED Edge-Lit Panel is an ideal choice to reduce energy costs in work environments and in public places. They are widely used in offices, stores, schools, hospitals, and airports. These panels feature low energy consumption, long life, and sustainable light with no shadows or glaring. Most panel lights in commercial buildings are bulky, give off buzzing noises, and the quality of light they emit is very low. The LED Edge-Lit Panel has a sleek design that is only half of an inch thick and the quality of light is very comparable to what a skylight emits rather than the typical fluorescent lighting.
The Vapor Proof Fixtures are modern lighting fixtures that can be used in a wide variety of different environments. They are water resistant and perform very well in wet locations. They are commonly used in car washes, warehouses, parking garages, stairwells, pool areas, and any other places where moisture, dampness or dust is a concern. They are a great solution for any commercial application where weather or dust is an issue. TheVapor_Proof_Fixture_ASD.jpg Vapor Proof Fixtures are a great investment as they significantly reduce energy consumption and energy bills, saving you money. They are easy to install and can replace a typical fluorescent light fixture without any additional equipment. LED Vapor Proof Fixtures are made with a durable polycarbonate body. They do not lose color or luster over time and they are extremely easy to clean. LED Vapor Proof Fixtures are maintenance free and provide a high quality bright light without shadows. Its affordable price makes it the perfect solution for any home or business. 
"ASD Lighting is constantly developing new products and improving their product range," said Matt Sedlock of Western Lighting & Energy Controls, "ASD strongly believes in excellent customer service and they are passionate about their products." With more than 15,000 LED lighting options, ASD provides a diverse selection of bulbs and lighting fixtures for residential and commercial use. By partnering with Western Lighting and Energy Controls, they are changing the game by providing best-in-class products that are in stock for quick delivery. For more information see www.asd-lighting.com
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