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“Give Me One Good Reason To Install Motorized Shades?” How About Five?

Posted by Jimm Reifsnyder

Mar 19, 2013 1:28:00 PM

describe the imageFor some reason some clients embrace the idea of automating the interior and exterior lighting systems in their homes or offices. And they love the idea of controlling things such as their thermostat or their audio and visual systems automatically. But when it comes to their window coverings, many of them are decidedly “old school.” If you bring up the topic as their architect or designer, you might get a response that sounds a little bit like this: “Can you give me one good reason to install motorized shades?”


Actually, we can think of at least five. Maybe one of these—or a combination of them—will help your clients see why motorized shades may actually make sense for them.

1. Do you like security? With automated window coverings you can have your shades open and close throughout the day—even if you’re not there. From the outside, your home will look like someone is there. And you can set the controls to operate at random times so that the activity doesn’t appear to be programmed.

2. Would you like to save on energy consumption? If some of your rooms have a lot of exposure to direct sunlight, indoor temperatures can soar in the hot summer months. You can program your shades to lower during peak sunlight hours to help keep your home cool—without having to crank up the air conditioning.  And then you can have them open before you get home from work so that it doesn’t feel like you’re walking into a cave.

3. Do you want to protect your furniture? Prolonged exposure to intense sunlight can also damage furniture. By automatically lowering your shades when the sun comes through the windows you can keep fabric, leather and even wood from aging prematurely.

4. Does it bother you when your shades aren’t straight? No matter how careful you are, there are times when manually raising or lowering your shades leaves them too high, too low or even crooked. Nothing ruins the look of a room like window coverings that are cock-eyed. Motorized shades will open to exactly the position you want—and they’ll be straight every time.

5. Do you care about convenience? If you have a lot of window coverings it can be a real pain to open and close them all every night—and again every morning. And sometimes it’s hard to get around desks, furniture or lamps to even get at the cords (and then hope that they’re not tangled). It’s a lot nicer to be able to raise or lower your shades at the touch of a button—or to program them to open or close whenever you want, without even thinking about it!

You can probably think of other reasons why installing automated window coverings make sense for your clients. If you’d like to show them some of the many options available, shoot me a note and I can walk you through a variety of options. We’ll find just the right solution for your clients.


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