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Commercial Lighting Solutions: Making Everything Work Together

Posted by Matt Sedlock

Jul 17, 2012 6:07:00 AM

commercial-lighting-solutionsIf you’re involved in creating light and energy solutions for a commercial client, you know how hard it is to get all the different parts to “talk” to each other. Integration is essential if you want everything to work right. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy—until now.

You may already know that Lutron has a lighting control solution for every need, whether it’s a single dimmer or a whole building system. But they also have integration options for practically every application. Whether it’s a touch screen and A/V equipment in a conference room, patient controls in a hospital, or even building management systems, Lutron provides reliable options for many integration needs.

And what makes it really great is that Lutron works with many 3rd party manufacturers to ensure that their systems integrate reliably with other products. Lutron provides documentation, product, and technical support to many manufacturers to ensure that our systems work with a wide variety of 3rd party systems.

That’s a huge benefit! If you’ve worked on significant commercial projects before, you know that the people who design them don’t always think about how all the different components will work together. Lutron makes it much easier to have all the parts “play nicely” with one another.

If you’d like more information about how Lutron makes integration easier, shoot us a note. Matt Sedlock ( or Jen Moore ( will be happy to help you out!

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