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No Matter What Your Lighting Challenge Is—We Have a Solution

Posted by Matt Sedlock

Jul 3, 2013 9:15:00 AM

No matter what your lighting challenge is we have a solutionIf you’re involved in designing, specifying or installing lighting and lighting control systems in Southern California, you know that “one size doesn’t fit all.” Every project has its unique requirements, specifications and challenges. But that doesn’t mean you should have to chase all over the state—or even all over the country—to find the solutions you need.

We take pride in being the one place our clients can count on to meet a wide variety of needs. That’s one reason we’re proud to offer the broad line of products from Juno Lighting Group.  With Juno product brands, we’re able to offer lighting solutions that are attractive, well engineered and easy to install. And no matter what your lighting challenge is, we’re confident that we’ll have a solution that meets your needs.

Here’s just a partial overview of the breadth of industries and applications we can help you cover with the Juno line of products:

Government Contracts: Whether you’re providing services for a government office, a distribution center, barracks or commissaries, you’ll be ready to meet the complicated requirements that government contracts present. Whether the job calls for downlight, track, linear or pendant fixtures, we’ve got you covered. If you need task, wall wash, accent, high bay, low bay or sign lighting—we’ve got the solutions that will meet government requirements.

Institutional Lighting: We can help you create lighting solutions for your institutional clients that create ideal working, learning or living conditions. Whether your clients need solutions for patient rooms, dorm rooms, boardrooms, classrooms, auditoriums or nursing stations, you’ll be able to offer high-performance lighting solutions that keep energy and maintenance costs under control—something your institutional clients will really appreciate.

Retail Solutions: If anybody needs bright ideas for lighting, it’s your retail clients. You can help them make a great first impression—and make their stores comfortable places where customers want to do business. With the Juno line you’ll be able to offer the industry’s most extensive line of fixtures developed with specialty retailers in mind. Whether it’s downlight, track, linear, or pendant fixtures they need, or wall wash, display, accent, cabinet, task or signage—you’ll have what they need.

Hospitality Lighting: Your customers in the hospitality industry need lighting solutions with style and flair to create dramatic spaces—and this is an area where Juno fixtures really shine. Whether your client needs to light a reception area, a restaurant or a hotel room, Juno luminaries are great at showcasing architectural details, distinctive materials, artwork or unique decors.

These are just a handful of the industries you’ll be able to service with the Juno solutions we offer.  If you have specific questions about solutions for specific industries, shoot me a note today and we’ll work together to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations!

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