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Elegant and Modern Lighting with the LX4

Posted by Jimm Reifsnyder

May 3, 2016 10:54:36 AM

HE Williams has created a lighting system that surpasses many other modern lighting options with its sleek, linear design. They have committed to making a visible difference by designing and manufacturing superior commercial lighting products like the LX4. 
The LX4 is made to display clean lines that can connect to create different shapes. The slim styling and continuous row of lighting brings five unique styles to life as you can customize patterns for any type of job. These styles include surface, suspended, wall, corner, and recessed lighting. Clean lines of glare-free light, in stand-alone, continuous, and pattern configurations make the LX4 a versatile light for any application. 
The LX4 has a seamless design, with no wires or mounting hooks showing after installation is complete. The moveable mounting hardware easily slides along the length of the fixture providing variable mounting points. This feature makes it easy for you to incorporate the LX4 into any ongoing project or existing design by creating patterns and making statements with fully-lit horizontal corners and vertical transitions. Highlighting architectural details, while also being able to create task light is one of the LX4's best features. From wall to ceiling, wall to wall, or suspended to wall, the possibilities are endless.
HE Williams is committed to producing superior products like the LX4. Through sustainable practices by continually looking for ways to increase efficiency, reduce waste, and recycle materials throughout their manufacturing process. By doing so, they are able to continue making the highest quality products at competitive prices while conserving natural resources.
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