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Lutron Focuses on Home Technology for Every Level

Posted by Jimm Reifsnyder

Oct 13, 2016 10:18:02 AM

Recently Crestron’s president and CEO Randy Klein stated that his company is going to abandon the residential market as well as the CEDIA show, siting "Crestron only wants to focus on the high-end fragment of the market."
Since Crestron only wants to be part of the high-end market: Where does that leave the residential market that they adamantly advertise to? Doesn't it call into question how the high-end clients will gain exposure for their products? Further, doesn't this decision to only go high-end and to not participate in the CEDIA shows alienate potential new installers?
This is where Lutron comes into play. Lutron is a technology-centered and people-driven company. Their light control products range from individual dimmers to total light management systems that control entire building complexes. Lutron caters to multiple audiences in the commercial and residential markets. The way Lutron cares for their customers and products reflects the five principles that they were built on; take care of the customer with superior goods and services, take care of the company, take care of the people, innovate with high quality, and deliver value to the customer.
Lutron has paved the way to provide many innovative lighting systems for every level of consumer. Caseta® Wireless is used in a more relaxed home setting. It allows you to control your lights from wherever you are. Anyone can use these systems to personalize scenes to control multiple lights and shades together with the touch of a button. HomeWorks® is used in a more high-end setting allowing luxury homeowners to bring in a sophisticated lighting system. The designer style controls can also enhance the décor and compliment the home. These technologies can be used in commercial or residential settings, once again showing that Lutron can service at every level.
Homeworks_overview_photo.jpgThe approach that Crestron takes is an exact opposite to the approach that Lutron takes. Lutron can help an entire market and at every level. They range from helping the every day, average homeowner to the high-end, luxury homeowner and then everything in between. Lutron is successful because of the company’s commitment to its customers. Since the beginning, the company has maintained exceptional service, offering 24-hour technical support for its products, and a friendly customer service department that sustains close relationships with Lutron clients. This is what sets Lutron apart from Crestron. Lutron is there to provide quality products to every market instead of just focusing on one. 
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