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Integrated LED Controls Offers Dimming Solutions and More...

Posted by Matt Sedlock

Dec 4, 2014 7:00:00 AM

Integrated LED Controls (ILC) was introduced to the lighting and specifier communities at the 2013 Light Show West in Santa Monica, CA. Their easy to integrate system components were well received and praised by the community from the get go.

Attendees to the show were amazed by the unheard capability of the ILC system to dim their 16.1 million color Philips Licensed RGB and ANSI certified Monochromatic LED strips to an impressive 0.01% without any color shifting or flickering.

The capability to integrate with almost any major lighting control system like Lutron®, and with any DMX® fixtures (via the ILC's DMX® eNode®) were well received as well.

Today, the founders of ILC are well aware of the troubles and challenges the lighting community still faces at the time of specifying LED lights and how difficult is for them to meet certain design criteria or standards when there are so many unknown parts taking place.

Will the specified LED perform as promised? Will it be compatible and dim properly with the specified dimmer or system? What about the drivers? Or the cables in-between? Most importantly; will you be able to meet your client's expectations?

For some, the dimming may be the most important part. For others the right color temperature (whether you call it 2700K and they call it "warm white"). And still, for others may be the interface and how many cool tricks or colors can be programmed into the system.

Yes, sometimes it is hard to understand what the client really wants. Fortunately, ILC has solutions for all the above scenarios. For the client with specific temperature requests, ILC has the new RGB+W and the ILC-400® or the ANSI Certified monochromatic strips. For the savvy client who wants super cool, ILC has solutions. For the client interested in low end dimming and Title 24 compliancy, ILC has solutions.

ILC will allow lighting designers and specifiers to take full advantage of any lighting control system dimming capabilities and create the very comfortable or cool atmosphere your client desires. With ILC the specifying community have access to a LED diming system capable to produce predictable results time after time.

Finally the LED diming battle, with all its pains, pitfalls and "unknown parts" is over.


To learn more about ILC, please contact your sales rep:


San Diego Specification Sales

Denise Jenkins



San Diego Residential Specification Sales

Heather Frost-DeLavallde



Specification Sales- LA/Orange County/Inland Empire

Dan Nolden



Specification Sales- LA/Orange County/Inland Empire

Chris Medina



Energy Specialist

Nancy Lee



Specification Sales- LA

Ben Moore



Specifications, Municipalities, End Users

David Martin


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