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Cree is First to Offer a 10-Year Warranty on Intelligent Lighting Systems

Posted by Matt Sedlock

Sep 22, 2016 7:31:00 AM

Cree is a market-leading innovator of lighting-class LEDs, lighting products and semiconductor products for power and radio frequency (RF) applications. Cree believes in better light experiences and is delivering new innovative LED technology that transforms the way people experience light through high-quality, interior and exterior LED lighting solutions.
Cree’s product families include LED lighting systems and bulbs, blue and green LED chips, high-brightness LEDs, lighting-class power LEDs, power-switching devices and RF devices. Cree’s products are driving improvements in applications such as general illumination, electronic signs and signals, power supplies and inverters.
Cree continues its commitment to delivering better light with the introduction of the first 10-year warranty for intelligent lighting systems on all new Cree SmartCast Technology luminaires with integrated sensors. Cree SmartCast Technology is the most intuitive and easiest to install intelligent light solution on the market, delivering up to 70 percent energy savings for half the cost of other solutions and now backed by an industry leading, 10-year limited warranty.
“After millions of cumulative hours of accelerated lifetime testing, Cree is confident that it has proven the long-term reliability of its intelligent lighting products,” said David Elien, Cree senior vice president, lighting. “Cree stands alone in its commitment to supporting its SmartCast Technology with a 10-year, limited warranty, enabling your employees to be more productive and your building to become a long-term intuitive asset.”
The new, industry leading, 10-year warranty covers all Cree commercial-grade SmartCast Technology troffers and suspended luminaires. It lowers the total cost of ownership and overall install costs for SmartCast Technology customers compared to control systems that require additional costs for extended warranties and are often limited to five-year terms.
Every luminaire in the SmartCast Technology portfolio uses OneButton Setup to commission up to an entire building with a single stroke, offering intelligence that is live within minutes. The result is an enhanced experience that enables personalized, task-specific environments that adapt to users in each space for increased productivity. It even applies what it learns to drive energy costs lower for continual operational improvement. SmartCast Technology reduces design time, wires and setup time often associated with traditional controls systems. The system provides smart lighting that meets existing and emerging building codes and operates wirelessly or over Power over Ethernet to deliver better light now and into the future.
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Efficient Lighting Focuses on Energy Efficient Fixtures

Posted by Jimm Reifsnyder

Sep 21, 2016 10:12:13 AM

Efficient Lighting manufactures and distributes easy-to-install interior and exterior fixtures in a wide assortment of designs, finishes, and wattage capabilities. Their fixtures and lamps are specially created to illuminate and enhance a variety of building types, including multifamily residential units, condominiums, apartment complexes, and hotels. This makes Efficient Lighting the ideal lighting choice for specifiers, designers, architects, and contractors throughout the United States and Canada.



Efficient Lighting is involved with an Environmental Safety Program that ensures they maintain the highest level of quality and social responsibility in all outlets of their business, from design and sourcing, to manufacturing and customer service. They are committed to creating durable and energy efficient lighting that will never compromise the health, welfare, and safety of customers or the environment.

energy_star.pngEfficient Lighting has been proactive in reducing their environmental and carbon footprint since 2006. All the while producing quality products, competitive pricing, and the best service. After 10 years of reserch and product development, Efficient Lighting is able to provide durable and energy efficient lighting fixtures that are qualified by Energy Star and the DesignLights Consortium (DLC), and certified by UL and ETL.

They pride themselves in offering fast response times for quotes and land shipping, which comes at an effective price point. 


Contact a Sales Representative today to learn more about Efficient Lighting! 

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Atlantic Lighting Focuses On Specification Grade Products

Posted by Matt Sedlock

Sep 14, 2016 11:54:27 AM

Atlantic-lighting-1.jpgAtlantic Lighting is a family owned and operated manufacturer of specification grade lighting fixtures. Located in Fall River, Massachusetts all products are produced in-house. The company is run by the hands-on owner and founder, Gabe Estrela. Gabe is an industry veteran who started his career with Lightolier and then ran multiple successful start-up lighting companies before founding Atlantic Lighting. 
Some new LED products that Atlantic Lighting has been introducing are their cylinder and pendant fixtures. See below for the SLED610 Cylinder, the LHB16 DLC Low Bay/High Bay pendant, and the LHB22 CZ Low Bay/High Bay pendant. 
Spun aluminum cylinder and trim offered in matching finishes. Trim also offered in Haze. Inner optic is offered in six different beam angles and is only available in a faceted ultra-bright finish. 
  • LED
  • 6"x10" Cylinder
  • Lumens: 1100-2000
  • Mounting: Surface, Pendant, Wall


This fixture features a 5/8" OD mounting stem with a 5" diameter swivel canopy that self-adjusts up to 45° to accommodate sloped ceilings. Factory standard pendant length is 12". Pendants are available in lengths listed in the options section. 48" is the longest continual length. Housing has a polyester powder coat finish offered in white, black, metallic silver and custom colors. 

  • LED
  • Low Bay/High BAy
  • Lumens: 6000-8000
  • Mounting: Pendant 


This fixture features a 3/4" OD mounting stem with a 5" diameter swivel canopy that self-adjusts up to 45° to accommodate sloped ceilings. Factory standard pendant length is 12". Pendants are available in lengths listed in the options section. 48" is the longest continual length. 

  • LED
  • Low Bay/High Bay
  • Lumens: 13000-26000
  • Mounting: Pendant

The hallmark of Atlantic Lighting is their lead-times. Typical recessed fixtures ship in 1 to 3 days on average - many orders ship within 24 hours. Atlantic Lighting's standard color surface and wall mount cylinders often ship in less than a week. High bays, MRI, T4 and Squares all have quick lead-times that are hard to beat. If you need something fast, you need Atlantic.

They spin their own reflectors, have in-house fabrication of frames and components, and as of the 1st quarter of 2009 Atlantic has a complete powder coating operation for our cylinder line.

From their growing Engineering team, well-established Customer Service team, Sales Support, Product Line Management and of course their Production operation - Atlantic Lighting is focused on serving the customer, building a quality product and shipping faster than anyone else.
Click Here for brochures on these products by Atlantic Lighting!
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Introducing Rouge Lighting and Oak Landscape Lighting

Posted by Jimm Reifsnyder

Sep 8, 2016 2:25:03 PM




Rouge Lighting provides advanced, elegant, and stylish LED lighting. Rouge is passionate in engineering low wattage lighting with state-of-the-art designs in order to gain 100% customer satisfaction. They compete with the 21st century’s notion of cost efficient top design and quality products. Througe-new.pngeir mission is to always move forward with today’s technology in order to manufacture top quality LED lighting products. To see more visit their website or call your Western Sales representative.


Rouge Lighting Featured Products





LED Light Bulbs - Best for general lighting, accent your residential, or commercial projects. Also compatible with most LED dimmers.


Drivers & Transformers -  Best for creating ambience lighting and dimmable with any LV magnatic dimmer.



Mini LED Recessed Light - Best for low profile locations and have a 50,000 hour lifetime.




Also new to the Western Family of product lines is Oak Landscape Lighting. Oak Landscape Lighting has a great competitively priced line of lighting products for outdoor landscapes. 
Oak Landscape Lighting Featured Products 




 In Ground Well LightsIn-ground direct burial or concrete encasement. Stainless Steel Screws and beryllium copper socket design for anticorrosion.



 Step & Brick Lights - Direct bury lanscape lighting. Stainless Steel Screws and cast aluminum. 





Underwater Lights - Stainless Steel Screws and beryllium copper socket design for anticorrosion.


With more than 25 years of experience, Elram Inc. was created to innovate high quality and design in electrical and lighting supplies. Rouge Lighting and Oak Landscape Lighting are divisions of Elram. Elram’s vision has become to a reality with the joint effort of designers, consumers, and suppliers to utilize products that are superior in every way. Elram is proud to have accomplished its goal and looks forward to provide guaranteed quality products to you.  
Distributors looking for more information, Email Us for a demo and ask us how you can receive this FREE Counter Display! To see more visit their website or call your Western Sales representative.
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Axis Lighting: Super Distribution. Unparalleled Performance.

Posted by Jimm Reifsnyder

Sep 2, 2016 12:24:03 PM

logo-2016.pngFounded in 1991 and still family-owned and managed, Axis Lighting has grown to be an important source for architectural lighting across North America. The company, located in Montreal, Canada, operates a 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility with on-site design, engineering, and marketing staff.
Axis' focus is on architecturally sensitive, high-performance, energy-effective luminaires for general, ambient, task, and architectural applications in commercial and institutional spaces. 
One of their newest products is called CovePerfekt. With its uniform, quality light; optimized, single-beam distribution; fast, flawless installation, CovePerfekt is determined to make sure cove lighting will never be the same again. Powered by SurroundLite, an exclusive Axis technology, CovePerfekt puts peak-angle candlepower (cd/W) where you need it. Its wide 3D, 180 degree non lambertian distribution sends light along, across and out from luminaire ends, resulting in a soft glow using as little as 3W/ft.

No aiming is required. There are no cove dimensions to figure out. And there is no need to locate remote drivers and other components. All these features are packed into a choice of only four luminaires, eliminating guesswork.

The CovePerfekt provides trouble free installation. Given the many challenges of installing conventional cove lights, Armstrong Ceiling Systems and Axis Lighting joined forces to create the best possible cove lighting solution. With the objective of reducing clutter and simplifying design, Armstrong innovated with Axiom Indirect Light Coves, while Axis developed CovePerfekt. Together, they represent the new standard for cove lighting.

CovePerfekt Features

One Aim-free Product Does it All - Plug and Play


  • Continuous lengths up to 12 ft (one-foot increments)
  • Integral (120, 277 & 347V) and emergency drivers
  • Standard tool-less telescoping cable included with all cove products for easy installation,

access and maintenance

  • Shadow-free gap allowance in between luminaires: (ceiling 3" and wall 5")


  • No beam angles to select
  • Limited construction coordination
  • No need for remote drivers and other components
  • Power feed type, quantity and location supplied on shop drawings with every project


  • Agnostic: select from full range of dimming drivers
  • Compatible integral drivers: 0-10V, DALI, Lutron EcoSystem with dim-to-off and dim-to-black options
The company’s capabilities span the design, engineering, and manufacture of surface, pendant, and recessed luminaire systems.  These products use both fluorescent and LED sources and incorporate integrated controls options. Sustainability is an important part of what we do every day: from the design, manufacture and distribution of our products to their performance on the job.
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See How Cree is Becoming Better, Stronger, and Faster!

Posted by Matt Sedlock

Sep 1, 2016 10:39:13 AM

Get Cree Quality with the Western Difference!
CREE.jpgCree leads the LED lighting revolution and is making energy-wasting traditional lighting technologies obsolete through the use of energy-efficient, environmentally friendly LED lighting.

They first brought the blue LED to market in 1989, and today Cree's XLamp LEDs have continually exceeded industry standards for brightness and efficiency. Indeed, XLamp LEDs were the first "lighting-class" LEDs – LEDS bright enough to be used in general-illumination applications, such as desk lamps, ceiling fixtures and street lights. In addition, Cree's extensive line of high-brightness LEDs are also introducing new performance levels to outdoor video displays and decorative lighting. See how Cree is becoming better, stronger, and faster:
  • Cree has been the leader in the LED lighting revolution since 1989
  • Quick Ship Program - Over 75 SKU's in-stock and redy to ship
  • 1st Class in Warranty - 10 years on most products
  • Highest efficiances
  • 90 CRI on most products
  • Competetive pricing


The Cree Big Money Promotion!

Cross over a competitor's specification or create a new specification using Cree products and receive the following:

  • $2,500 order = $25 Visa Card
  • $5,000 order = $50 Visa Card 
  • $10,000 order = $100 Visa Card
  • $100,000 order = $1,000 Visa Card


*Provide proof of your work (purchase order and specifications) and you will be paid in a timely manner. Promotion not valid for out-of-territory orders and orders already specified as Cree. 


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Efficiency and Flexibility with Clarus Downlights

Posted by Matt Sedlock

Aug 30, 2016 9:00:00 AM

For over 25 years, PMC Lighting has been an innovator in the lighting community. With the introduction of the Clarus LED Series over ten years ago, PMC Lighting set itself apart by manufacturing a downlight with uncompromising quality, higher efficiencies, and flexibility. This flexibility has grown with the addition of Aura Technology and white light color tuning to the Clarus LED family of downlights.
Whether you need a tight beam spread distribution, a soft quiet ceiling for minimal glare and maximum aesthetics or optimal lumen efficiency, PMC has the LED series perfectly suited to your requirements. Clarus is precisely on target, architectural, application tailored, and innovative.
Clarus MX2 - The second generation Maximum Performance series, MX2, sets the new standard for LED downlighting. Providing even higher lumen levels that rival high-power compact fluorescent and HID source options, Maximum Performance 2 can truly provide it all - incredibly versatile lumen output options, exceptional long life, excellent color temperature and rendering properties, and easy adaptability for dimming and other special requirements.
  • Luminaire efficiency rating up to 90%
  • Color rendering index 80+ standard, 90+ available
  • Output lumens up to 12,160, dependent on color temperature
  • Wide, medium and and narrow beam spread distributions available
  • Architectural 6" and 8" round and square apertures
  • Highest reliability with standard built in Active Cooling System on fixtures with 6500lm output or greater.
Clarus XL2 - The second generation Deluxe Performance series, XL2, updates the expectation for LED downlighting. Providing even higher lumen levels that surpass high-power compact fluorescent and HID source options, Deluxe Performance 2 can truly provide it all - incredibly versatile lumen output options, increased long life, excellent color temperature and rendering properties, and easy adaptability for dimming and other special requirements. 
  • Luminaire efficiency rating up to 96%
  • Color rendering index 83 standard, 98 available on certain models
  • Output lumens per watt ranging from 102-118, dependent on color temperature
  • 1000lm, 1300lm, 2000lm, 3000lm, 4000lm, 5000lm- all standard, not all available in all aperture sizes; consult factory
  • Wide, medium and narrow beam spread distributions available
  • Architectural 4"& 6" round and square apertures, adjustable option (tilt & rotate)
Clarus Multi-Head LEM-XL2 - The next generation multi-head LED XL2 series offers all the benefits of accent adjustable MR16's and all the benefits of LED technology. This updated XL2 version provides all the same features as its predecessor with a significantly improved lumen output of 5000 lumens per head. With multiple beamspreads that mimic MR16 distributions, a desired subject can be highlighted with remarkable intensity, efficiency, and excellent color rendering properties. In addition, fading or degrading illuminated surfaces are no longer a concern as the LED technology doesn't project heat, UV or IR onto the subject. Our LEM-XL2 series can be tailored to fit the custom needs of your application with configurations up to 8 heads and flexible fixture housing styles from recessed to pendant. This multi-head series brings a large lumen output in a small versatile package, making it ideal for many accent and retail applications.
  • Interchangeable lumen packages from 1000-5000 lm per head
  • Multiple beam spreads in 20°/40°/60°
  • 2" diameter head that rotates 190 degrees
  • Adjustability up to 45 degrees from vertical
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High Quality and Sustainable New Construction Downlights by Cree

Posted by Matt Sedlock

Aug 29, 2016 9:00:00 AM

The innovative technologies that make up Cree products have revolutionized the lighting industry by making high-quality, sustainable LED lighting affordable and available to all. With this advantage, Cree remains at the forefront today, dedicated to developing new LED lighting solutions that improve both our customers’ spaces and their bottom lines, and all backed by an incredible warranty.
Cree is the originator of today’s LED lighting technology and is 100% committed to the continued advancement of solid state lighting. From growing their patented Silicon Carbide (SiC) materials, to developing the components, to manufacturing complete lighting systems, Cree's entire portfolio benefits from their unrelenting pursuit of developing the most advanced LED lighting available. Here are the new construction downlights that reflect how Cree manufactures from the best materials available. 
ESA Series
The ESA Series of downlight luminaires features 4", 6" and 8" round apertures and a two-piece optical assembly that provides a broad, even light distribution by combining low brightness with maximum visual cutoff and efficiency. This wall wash lighting solution from Cree is available in three light distributions: narrow, medium and wide.
ESA Series Surface Cylinders 
The ESA Series of cylinder downlights, with impressive lumen packages beyond 5,000 initial lumens delivered, allows designers to meet strict interior lighting performance specifications with a complete LED solution. Achieve beautiful color consistency in any space when you choose ESA Series luminaires.
Essentia by Cree Downlights
Essentia by Cree downlights are engineered to provide outstanding value and performance. The comprehensive portfolio includes 4", 6" and 8" round downlights, adjustable downlights and wall wash downlights. Available in a variety of lumen packages and color temperatures, each downlight is rated 50,000 hours and features a premium reflector finish with a range of color trim options.
KR Series
Ideal for new construction applications, the KR Series LED downlight portfolio is engineered for efficiency, delivering exceptional color rendering at 90+ CRI, superior light distribution and unparalleled lifetime color consistency. With a variety of color temperatures, out-of-the-box dimming capability and 4, 6 and 8 inch apertures available, the KR Series brings true design freedom with beautiful aesthetics and industry-leading performance to commercial and retail spaces.
LR Series
Delivering exceptional 90+ CRI light quaity and efficacy up to 100 lumens per watts, the LR Series downlight maximizes energy savings for commercial applications. Designed with versatility in mind, this fixture is available in warm or neutral color temperatures and input voltage of 120V or 277V, both dimmable to 5%. 
Since 1989 Cree has been the leader in the LED lighting revolution. With over 75 SKU’s in stock and ready to ship, they make customer service their top priority. Cree offers 90 CRI and a 10 year warranty on most products. With competitive pricing and high efficacies, Cree is better, stronger, and faster than ever before.  
Click Here to Learn More About the Cree New Construction Downlights!
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Better Light Delivered Intelligently and Simply with Cree SmartCast Technology

Posted by Matt Sedlock

Aug 25, 2016 9:00:00 AM

In today’s increasingly connected world, the race is on to be leaner, faster, smarter, better. Smart devices, smart buildings, and now smart lighting can engage with the Internet of Things (IoT), all with the promise of new opportunities.
With Cree SmartCast Technology, Cree has totally redefined intelligent lighting by making it so intuitive and simple, it just works — for you and for everyone who experiences it. It does what intelligent light should: it saves you money while helping make your whole enterprise more productive. Once you’re ready to connect, SmartCast Technology offers an open, scalable platform that works seamlessly with smart building applications to amplify savings and further optimize environments, delivering even more value. 
Within each SmartCast enabled luminaire, integrated sensors, cutting-edge electronics and software all work together using the language of light and intelligent algorithms to automatically learn and interact with each other and with your space. The result is a seamless application of scalable intelligent light strategies that can save you up to 70% in energy costs while delivering more comfortable, personalized lighting experiences.
Embedded sensors continually detect and share data on room occupancy and ambient light to fine-tune your environment and energy-saving strategies in real time. Data flows automatically and transparently. So lights sense when you’re there and turn off when you’re not and automatically dim up or down with the sun.
SmartCast Technology orchestrates the optimal environment for energy efficiency and productivity. It sets parameters for brightness and color, adjusts color temperatures to tasks and personal preferences, and tracks improvements. It even applies what it learns to drive energy costs lower for continual operational improvement. Every luminaire in the SmartCast Technology portfolio offers what no other system can, OneButton Setup to commission up to 1,000 luminaires in a single step. This is intelligence you can live with - smart lighting that meets existing and emerging building codes and operates wirelessly.
Since 1989 Cree has been the leader in the LED lighting revolution. With over 75 SKU’s in stock and ready to ship, they make customer service their top priority. Cree offers 90 CRI and a 10 year warranty on most products. With competitive pricing and high efficacies, Cree is better, stronger, and faster than ever before.  
Click Here to download the Cree SmartCast Technology Brochure!
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Cree LN Series: LED Suspended Ambient Luminaire

Posted by Matt Sedlock

Aug 23, 2016 9:00:00 AM

With its stunning swept-wing design and breakthrough WaveMax Technology, the Cree LN Series pendant luminaire creates beautifully quiet light with gamechanging affordability.


Better Light from Fewer Fixtures

A game-changer in optics technology, WaveMax Technology delivers better light from every angle: superb illumination to the task surface for greater productivity and heightened alertness, while directing 60% of its light upward to dispel the striped ceiling contrasts common in indirect/direct fixtures.

Beauty Meets Practicality

These suspended luminaires are more than just sleek and eye-catching. They also have a secret: the thoughtfully engineered design enables installation and control that’s simpler, faster and more cost-effective thanks to a unique modular light engine and fewer parts. And with optional SmartCast Technology, Cree’s intelligent light solution, extreme energy efficiency is yours with the touch of a single button.

Architecturally Appealing and Attractively Affordable 

This suspended linear gives architects an adaptable and supremely high-functioning light system with a supermodern, low-profile look at an unexpectedly affordable price. The LN Series is signature Cree: non-linear thinking for a breakthrough in linear lighting. Architecture is the art of establishing a functional space where every element and dimension affects the whole. Into this equation enters the Cree LN Series suspended indirect/direct luminaire. The sleek, graceful design is made possible by Cree WaveMax Technology, which enables the generation and distribution of even, uniform light from a unique architecture of its own. The clean, housing-free shape eliminates ceiling clutter and complements a room in a way that no other suspended fixture can match.

The LN Series is designed to be highly modular, with an industry-standard 48-inch light engine size that’s easily combined for longer continuous runs, and offers 0-10V or optional Smartcast Technology dimming controls for even more energy-saving opportunities. With industry-leading WaveMax Technology delivering superior illumination quality, simplified modular assembly and appealing pricing, architects and lighting designers have an elegant new solution to the challenge of illuminating workspaces both functionally and artfully.

Since 1989 Cree has been the leader in the LED lighting revolution. With over 75 SKU’s in stock and ready to ship, they make customer service their top priority. Cree offers 90 CRI and a 10 year warranty on most products. With competitive pricing and high efficacies, Cree is better, stronger, and faster than ever before.                                       

Click Here to download the Cree LN Series Brochure!
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