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Southern California Lighting Solutions: “What’s Your Solution Going To Do For ME?”

Posted by Jimm Reifsnyder

Oct 16, 2013 10:25:00 AM

Southern California lighting solutions what's your solution going to do for meIf you design, specify, or install lighting solution systems in Southern California, you know that your clients can sometimes be a little skeptical. Let’s face it, someone is always trying to sell them what they claim is the latest and greatest thing since sliced bread.

Sure, there have been a lot of advances and new developments in lighting solutions over the past few years—and some of them are pretty impressive. But there’s a good chance that the new features of the latest products won’t impress your clients. To be honest, many of them don’t care about all the bells and whistles. A lot of them aren’t even asking, “What’s new?” They’re asking a completely different question.

“What’s your solution going to do for me?”

That’s really what your customers want to know, isn’t it? How are the lighting products and services you provide going to help them tackle the issues they face today? And while great photos of the products you sell may grab their attention momentarily, what they’re really interested in are the nitty gritty facts about how the solution works.

That’s when it’s helpful to not just tell clients and prospects about your solutions, but to show them the results. And one of the best ways to do that is through actual case studies that outline a specific problem and then show the concrete results of the solution.

That’s why we feature case studies from a variety of industries on our website. And while your clients’ results will no doubt vary (after all, no two scenarios are ever exactly alike), they’ll at least be able to look at real-life examples of what you can do for them. You can check these case studies out for yourself, whether you’re looking for efficient gymnasium lighting for schools, patient room window shades for a hospital, adaptive corridor lighting for a business or energy-efficient lighting solutions for office spaces.

And then the next time a client or prospect asks, “What’s your solution going to do for me?” you’ll have a specific answer.

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