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It’s a New Year: How About Some New Lighting Solutions?

Posted by Jimm Reifsnyder

Jan 7, 2014 4:30:00 AM

It's a new year how about some new lighting solutionsIt’s a brand new year and chances are that your clients are looking for some brand new lighting solutions. Whether your customers are looking for residential or commercial solutions, it’s a safe bet that they don’t want to settle for the same old styles and solutions.

While LED lights may still be the hot new item in the lighting world, your clients are looking for more than just the newest development in bulb technology. Whether you specify, design or install lighting solutions, your clients are looking for ways to bring out the character of their homes or offices. They’re looking for ways to enhance ambience or to improve efficiency and productivity. Oh yeah, they’re also looking to conserve energy and save money in the process.

There’s a lot more to providing great lighting solutions than just plugging in the newest bulbs. And that’s where you can be a huge asset to your customers. You can offer them systems that will help them create the environment they want—in individual rooms or throughout their whole home or business.

Here are just a few of the features your residential clients may be looking for:

  • Integration and Home Automation
  • Energy Savings
  • Safety and Security
  • Pathway Lighting
  • Remote Lighting Control
  • Multi-room Control

If you have commercial clients, many of them will be asking about:

  • Commercial Smart Grid solutions
  • Centralized Controls
  • Scheduling Capability
  • Reporting and Trending Capability
  • Daylight Control
  • Heating and Cooling Cost Reduction

Of course providing a great lighting solution doesn’t stop at the lights. Shading solutions can also play a significant role in managing light and comfort in both residential and commercial environments. And quality shades add a whole new aesthetic to any home or office.

So how can you offer all these options to your clients? We’ve got you covered! There are great Lutron products to meet all of those needs—and we can help you put together just the right solution for your clients. And if Lutron doesn’t offer what you need we’ll help you find what you need as proud distributors of the best manufacturers in the business, including Cree, FXLuminaire and Juno.

We’d love to help you provide the same kind of outstanding light and energy control for your commercial and residential clients. If you’d like to talk about commercial solutions for your clients, shoot me a note at And if you’d like more information about residential solutions, contact Jimm Reifsnyder at

It’s a brand new year. It’s a great time to give your clients some brand new solutions for their lighting needs!

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