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5 Lighting Trends for 2012

Posted by Matt Sedlock

Mar 20, 2012 7:04:00 AM

lighting trends for 20125 Lighting Trends for 2012

Advances in lighting technologies (especially LEDs) have opened up the door to all kinds of interior lighting possibilities. The fact that LEDs are energy efficient and save money only adds to their appeal. One of the coolest things about LEDs is how widely they can be used—from very casual to very ornate applications. Here are a few of the trends we’re seeing lately.

  1. Contemporary lighting fixtures in neutral colors and pastels are being used to add soft, stylish accents to interiors.
  2. Nature inspired themes and ethnic motifs coupled with contemporary lighting fixtures, that incorporate Asian and African patterns and forms are stylish and interesting.
  3. Chic, elegant, contemporary lighting fixtures with shades made from silk, exotic leather, wool, or eco-friendly (recycled) felt are increasingly popular.
  4. Modern crystal abstract patterns complimented by silver and gold details add stylish accents are being used to create a personal, comfortable and cozy feel.
  5. Baroque style wall lights and table lamps have been updated to bring bright and lightweight designs into today’s homes.


As you can see, there’s not a single, unified trend or direction in today’s lighting options—other than making your home your own unique expression of your personality.


The unifying factor is homeowners’ desire to control their lighting conveniently, safely, and economically. Regardless of the specific lighting style that homeowners may choose, they want to be able to control their home lighting with the touch of a button. And they want more control than the ability to simply turn lights off and on as they pass by. They want dimming capabilities for individual rooms and hallways. And in many cases they want the ability to turn lights off and on remotely—even from the comfort of their bedroom.

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