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Not Getting Your Lutron Keypads Engraved? It’s Criminal!

Posted by Jimm Reifsnyder

Apr 3, 2012 5:36:00 AM

engrave lutron keypadsI’m Jimm Reifsnyder, and I’ve had RA2 in my house since it first came out. That’s the good news, because RA2 is awesome. But I have a confession to make. Even though I’ve had these units in my house for a long time, I still haven’t had my lutron keypads engraved. As a principal at Western Energy Control Solutions, you’d think I’d know better. It’s so easy to do—and it keeps the keypad looking great. Not taking advantage of this pre-paid service from Lutronis criminal!

keypad engraving bustedWhy? Well, my keypad doesn’t look as good as it could. I just used standard labels on my keypad and (as you can see), one label has already fallen off, and a couple of the others are starting to peel off as well. If the RA2 police ever come around my house—I’m busted!

What makes this criminal is that it’s so easy—and it’s a free service. Keypads come with stickers that you can customize, but Lutron lets you send the wall plates in to be custom engraved as a prepaid service. You can email engraving schedule PDF files to Lutron, Fax them in, or even mail them. Choose whatever works for you. Then you just need to install the new custom engraved replacement kits.

This is a great service to offer to your customers. Taking the time to get your customers’ keypads engraved by Luton makes sure that they will look good when you install them—and for years to come. It’s a nice “finishing touch” that’s simple for you to do, and adds a touch of quality to what you provide your customers. And if you have past customers whose units weren’t engraved, offering this service to them provides you with a great opportunity to see if they want to expand their use of RA2 in their home.


If you have keypads from Lutron, this engraving process is FREE. Get your engraving sheets today.

Let me know if you have questions about how to take advantage of this great offer from Lutron.

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