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Time Is Money In the SOCAL Lighting Industry

Posted by Matt Sedlock

Oct 28, 2013 8:00:00 AM

Time Is Money in the SOCAL lighting industryWe’ve said it many times before: There’s a lot more to providing outstanding lighting solutions for the Southern California market than simply delivering top quality products. Make no mistake about it: If you don’t have the best quality products, you simply won’t survive long. But products alone don’t make a solution stand out.

Something else you’ve heard a time or two is that “time is money.” That’s certainly the case in the lighting and energy control solution industry. Whether you specify, design or install solutions in Southern California, you know how crucial meeting a deadline is. Sometimes it’s the difference between getting the job or not. And if you miss your deadline—it can cost you big time.

That’s a big part of what we try to bring to the table when you look to us for solutions. And it’s one of the big reasons we’re pleased to partner with Juno Lighting Group. Not only do they offer outstanding products, but they also offer delivery you can depend on.

How reliable are the folks at Juno? Their on-time delivery percentage for this year is at 97.9 percent! That’s a pretty remarkable figure for an industry where there are so many “moving parts.”  And it’s not just about impressive numbers. As distributors for Juno Lighting, we received a letter from their President and CEO, John Mabbot that reflects their attitude toward service. In it, he detailed their goals for delivery—something they refer to as “standard lead time.”  Here’s what was really remarkable in the letter.

I’m spelling this out because I think it’s important that you are able to explain it to your customers – and also because I want you to hold us accountable if your experience is anything different.

It’s pretty rare that you see that kind of accountability in this industry. But that’s the kind of attitude and commitment it takes to build trust. It’s one of the reasons we’re pleased to offer Juno Lighting products to our customers.

In this business time is money. Sometimes being able to deliver on time makes the difference between getting the job or not. Sometimes completing a job on time means the difference between being profitable and losing money. That’s why we like to work with suppliers that deliver quality on time, so that we can offer the same thing to our customers.

If you have specific questions about solutions you’re working on, shoot me a note today and we’ll work together to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations!

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