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When Great Gets Even Better: Why Lutron’s RadioRA 2 Upgrade Matters

Posted by Jimm Reifsnyder

Sep 6, 2013 3:30:00 AM

When great gets even better why Lutron's RadioRA2 upgrade mattersWhether you specify, design, or install residential lighting control solutions, it’s always nice when you can offer your clients cutting edge products and solutions. If you’ve been around this industry for a while, however, you know that your clients’ expectations continue to grow. That’s why it’s nice when a great solution—like Lutron’s RadioRA2—gets even better.

That’s why the RadioRA “Classic” to RadioRA 2 Upgrade Program from Lutron matters. Even though Lutron’s RadioRA lighting system has been that gold standard for residential lighting and energy control for years, this new upgrade ups the ante—giving homeowners even more control and energy-savings right at their fingertips—even if their fingertips are resting on an iPhone or iPad!

Of course there’s more to the story than just convenience. By upgrading, clients can also take advantage of even more energy savings through the new HVAC controls, insulating honeycomb shades, plug-in controls, and more. New improvements to the system include:

  • A built-in astronomical time clock that allows homeowners to “set and forget” timed lights
  • Improved wireless range
  • RA2 is programmed with a laptop and iPad
  • Grafik Eye compatibility (This is Lutron's popular single room lighting control solution)
  • The ability to add Lutron Sivoia shading systems without requiring additional, costly hardware
  • Enabling of communication with occupancy sensors (a big plus for meeting California’s Title 24 requirements) and saving energy
  • Lower pricing on hardware

It’s always nice when a great solution gets even betterFor more information please email us at .


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