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Better Light Delivered Intelligently and Simply with Cree SmartCast Technology

Posted by Matt Sedlock

Aug 25, 2016 9:00:00 AM

In today’s increasingly connected world, the race is on to be leaner, faster, smarter, better. Smart devices, smart buildings, and now smart lighting can engage with the Internet of Things (IoT), all with the promise of new opportunities.
With Cree SmartCast Technology, Cree has totally redefined intelligent lighting by making it so intuitive and simple, it just works — for you and for everyone who experiences it. It does what intelligent light should: it saves you money while helping make your whole enterprise more productive. Once you’re ready to connect, SmartCast Technology offers an open, scalable platform that works seamlessly with smart building applications to amplify savings and further optimize environments, delivering even more value. 
Within each SmartCast enabled luminaire, integrated sensors, cutting-edge electronics and software all work together using the language of light and intelligent algorithms to automatically learn and interact with each other and with your space. The result is a seamless application of scalable intelligent light strategies that can save you up to 70% in energy costs while delivering more comfortable, personalized lighting experiences.
Embedded sensors continually detect and share data on room occupancy and ambient light to fine-tune your environment and energy-saving strategies in real time. Data flows automatically and transparently. So lights sense when you’re there and turn off when you’re not and automatically dim up or down with the sun.
SmartCast Technology orchestrates the optimal environment for energy efficiency and productivity. It sets parameters for brightness and color, adjusts color temperatures to tasks and personal preferences, and tracks improvements. It even applies what it learns to drive energy costs lower for continual operational improvement. Every luminaire in the SmartCast Technology portfolio offers what no other system can, OneButton Setup to commission up to 1,000 luminaires in a single step. This is intelligence you can live with - smart lighting that meets existing and emerging building codes and operates wirelessly.
Since 1989 Cree has been the leader in the LED lighting revolution. With over 75 SKU’s in stock and ready to ship, they make customer service their top priority. Cree offers 90 CRI and a 10 year warranty on most products. With competitive pricing and high efficacies, Cree is better, stronger, and faster than ever before.  
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