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Southern California Light Solutions: Now There’s a Switch!

Posted by Matt Sedlock

Jun 19, 2012 10:10:00 AM

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For some southern California homeowners, a switch is just a switch. They’re purely functional and lights are either on or they’re off. What difference does it make? The lights go on and the lights go off. End of story.

For Lighting Solution Professionals

As a lighting solution professional, you know better. Whether you’re a distributor, a contractor, or designer who specifies what lighting goes into a new build or remodel—you know that the kind of switch you choose to install can make a big difference.

Switch on the Energy Savings

Compared to conventional “on-and-off” switches, Lutron switches can help homeowners save energy—while creating inviting, comfortable spaces.  Installing a Diva CL dimmer for instance can help a homeowner save up to 19 percent on electricity use. The same switch can extend bulb life so that the average bulb lasts 4.7 years! That adds up!

The benefits don’t stop at energy savings. Just because a switch is functional doesn’t mean it can’t be fashionable as well. Lutron offers homeowners a wide variety of styles and colors from which to choose, so they can find a switch that fits any room or color scheme in their house. Light affects the way a home feels. Dimming allows homeowners to create moods and can create the perfect atmosphere for entertaining or turn a bathroom into a soothing spa retreat.

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Combining With Lighting Control Systems

There’s also the convenience these switches offer. When combined with options, such as a Maestro Wireless system or a Radio RA2 Wireless system, homeowners can control their lights from anywhere in the room—or even outside the home.


You can open homeowners’ eyes to lighting possibilities they never considered before—whether they’re single room solutions or whole home control solutions. There’s a whole lot more to light control than just turning the lights on or off!

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