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Where Do SOCAL Homeowners Want Light Control? Everywhere!

Posted by Jimm Reifsnyder

Dec 17, 2013 4:30:00 AM

Where do SOCAL homeowners want light control everywhere

Once upon a time, a “light control system” meant that a homeowner got up out of his chair, walked around the house, and turned off unnecessary lights manually. Those days are long gone. Today’s homeowner wants control over the lighting in every area of her home. And she doesn’t just want to turn lights on or off: She wants to control the ambience and have the lighting match the activity in any given room.

If you design, install or specify lighting systems, you can help your clients get the lighting—and control—they want for every situation in any room. And you may even be able to help them find solutions for situations they hadn’t thought of. And we can help. Here are just a few of the applications we can help you offer your clients:

Home Theater/Family Room

With a light and shade control system, a wall dimmer or a wireless control, your clients can turn their family room into a home theater experience. They’ll be able to dim lights to the perfect level, recreating that moment when the lights go down and the show begins in the theatre.

Home Office

If your client is planning a home office, you can help him make business hours more enjoyable, productive and efficient with built-in light and shade controls.  He’ll be able to easily dim lamps or overhead lights for any task, or to control natural light to reduce glare on the computer screen by adjusting the height of window shades at the touch of a button.


Help clients make the heart of their home more versatile. Show them how the use of dimmers or a total control system, can make the kitchen a space that’s ideal for cooking, dining, entertaining, or even doing homework. You can help them set the perfect light level for any activity and control daylight with automated shades. You can even give them the option of adding temperature control to maximize comfort.


Whether your clients plan to use their basement as a playroom, a storage area, an entertainment space or a combination of all of them, you can help them create the perfect light control solution. Dimmers can help set the right light level and occupancy sensors can help them save energy and money by ensuring lights are turned off automatically when the room is unoccupied.

Utility Room

Speaking of saving energy, how many times do homeowners leave the lights on in seldom used rooms like a utility room. With an occupancy or vacancy sensor you can help customers save by ensuring that lights will turn off automatically after a room has been vacated.

And More

You can offer clients solutions for children’s rooms, guest rooms, bathrooms and even special solutions for families who have elderly family members living with them.

We’ve got great Lutron solutions for each of the areas mentioned here—and more. Give me a call at 310-948-9818, or shoot me a note at [email protected]. We’ll be happy to help you find the right lighting control solutions for any of your Southern California residential clients!

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