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Cree XSP and OSQ Series Provide Breakthrough Technology and Increased Performance

Posted by Matt Sedlock

Aug 18, 2016 3:54:33 PM

Cree XSP Series

Designed from the ground up as a totally optimized LED street, and area lighting system, the XSP Series delivers incredible efficiency without sacrificing application performance. Beyond substantial energy savings and reduced maintenance Cree achieves greater optical control with our NanoOptic Precision Delivery Grid optic when compared to traditional cobra head luminaires. The XSP Series is the better alternative for traditional street and area lighting with quick payback and improved performance.


Powered by BetaLED Technology and designed for long L70 lifetime over 100,000 hours, the XSP Series street lights deliver incredible effi cacy of up to 100 lumens per watt and up to double the lumens per dollar of previous generations of LED street lights. An ideal replacement for outdated traditional sources, the XSP series can even provide value while replacing high wattage HPS applications.

A Total Systems Approach combines the most advanced LED sources, driver technologies, optics and form into each product to off er our most optimized solution yet. The XSP Series uses a NanoOptic Precision Delivery Grid optic to efficiently deliver light where it matters, cutting energy consumption up to nearly 50%. Years of maintenance-free performance are possible through a state-of-the-art thermal management design that uses an innovative fl ow through heat sink to draw heat away from LEDs, maximizing performance and longevity. 

Click Here to download the Cree XSP Series Brochure!


Cree OSQ Series

The clean, modern housing of the OSQ Series improves your site aesthetics during the daytime, while the performance of Cree's NanoOptic Technology ensures improved, even illumination at night. The next generation of area lighting surpasses traditional lighting technology with market-leading optical performance and an extensive lifetime, leading to energy savings of up to 70 percent compared to HID. 

Traditional luminaire technologies offer limited optical selections. With Cree's patented NanoOptic Technology, the choices keep coming. They have highly-efficient optics available in multiple distributions to provide new possibilities for highly-optimized target illumination performance and the flexibility you need to achieve the specific illumination requirements for each unique application.


The OSQ Series blends extreme optical control, advanced thermal management and light quality to bring you the latest advancements in LED technology. And Cree didn’t stop there — they added a clean, modern housing and versatile mounting options all with an attractive price point. Whether you have a new construction or upgrade application, the OSQ Series is perfect for parking lots, internal roadways, and general site lighting.

With uniform targeted illumination, the OSQ luminaire minds its own business by directing light only where it’s needed and provides full cut-off where it isn’t. Equipped with advanced optical control, the luminaire eliminates dark spots between mountings, reduces light pollution and minimizes wasted energy. Backed by Cree's industry-leading 10-year limited warranty, the OSQ Series incorporates the latest LED technology specially engineered for outdoor area lighting. 

Click Here to download the Cree OSQ Series Brochure!


About Cree 

Cree is the originator of today’s LED lighting technology and is 100 percent committed to the continued advancement of solid state lighting. That’s why they strive to find ways to continuously improve our products and offer more value to our customers. 

Since 1989 Cree has been the leader in the LED lighting revolution. With over 75 SKU’s in stock and ready to ship, they make customer service their top priority. Cree offers 90 CRI and a 10 year warranty on most products. With competitive pricing and high efficacies, Cree is better, stronger, and faster than ever before.  
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