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Lutron Lighting products that are helping schools save energy

Posted by Natalie Young

Mar 12, 2014 12:33:00 PM

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This article is the second in a 4 part series on Prop 39 Funding. 
The California Clean Energy Jobs Act, known as Prop 39, was adopted in December 2013. The bill allocates funding to support energy efficiency and alternative energy projects, as well as improvements and repairs to help cut down on operating costs and improve health and safety conditions in public schools.
Over five years, schools will receive about $2.5 billion through the act.


With recent studies proving the advantages of high efficiency lighting in classrooms, school administrators can benefit from a thorough description of the various components of these systems. Proper lighting is tied to student performance by various studies that measure standardized test scores both before and after LED installation. Here are some Lutron products that are helping schools by increasing student productivity, making teachers’ jobs easier, and decreasing energy costs.

1. PowPak Dimming Module with EcoSystem

This device, mounted in classroom ceilings, automates the dimming controls of an LED lighting system. It reads the information communicated by various wireless sensors and responds by lowering the illumination at certain times of the day. Factors that cause it to take action are based upon room occupation, or other designated factors. The module can be integrated with your HVAC system to provide seamless environmental controls and a reduction in energy costs. 

2. Pico Wireless Controls

There are Lutron products that are helping schools automate their lighting systems, but manual operation may be necessary at times. Pico wireless controls can be conveniently located on the desks of teachers or administrators, or they can be mounted to the wall nearby. They're easy to use and modular, so they can be an add-on component as school administrators deem necessary. These devices give staff the freedom to adjust lighting levels based on classroom activity or other factors.

3. EcoSystem H-Series Digital Ballast

These strips are the focal point of Lutron lighting solutions, providing superior dimming capabilities to fine tune illumination in the classroom. They’re easy to install and maintain, resulting in lower costs for broken bulbs and replacement costs. The ceiling mounted EcoSystem H-Series apparatus is compact and light, so it’s non-intrusive in the classroom. It also enables schools to decrease energy costs by up to 60%.

4. Radio Powr Savr Daylight and Vacancy Sensors

The Daylight Sensor reads light levels in a space based upon the natural rays entering through windows and doors. It communicates with the PowPak Dimming Module to increase or decrease light in the classroom automatically when it's needed. Similarly, the Vacancy Sensor reports to the Dimming Module as it reads occupancy in the area. Both sensors lower costs by reducing or turning off lights when they're not necessary in the room. The sensors can be overridden if users prefer the manual Pico Wireless Controls.

5. PowPak Contact Closure Output Module

While there are Lutron products that are helping schools lower costs by controlling light levels, they can also benefit from automating their HVAC systems. The PowPak Contact Closure Output Module integrates with your heating and air conditioning components to regulate temperature at optimal levels. Third party systems can be adjusted to respond to the wireless commands as directed by the Lutron modules, thereby automating HVAC functions.

All the components work together to streamline lighting, heating and air conditioning in classrooms. By combining manual and automatic operation, this Lutron system is a cost effective way to regulate the teaching environment and reduce energy costs.


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