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Download the New Architectural Accessories Spec Sheet 

PalladiomGrafikT_WhatsNewThe spec sheet outlines all the features and specifications for the new line of receptacles and USB receptacles from Lutron designed to pair next to a Grafik T or Palladiom keypad. The release date for these will be Q1 2016. Within the spec sheet you will notice some key differences, including:

  • Narrower plug design to match the opening of a Palladiom Keypad
  • Squared edges on the plate and receptacle
  • Palladiom and Grafik T cannot be ganged together
  • USB port will still receive full power while the receptacle is in use
  • USB power output cannot exceed 3.8A combined
  • USB ports respond and distribute based upon the connected device demand

For more features and specifications, fill out our form to download the New Architectural Accessories Spec Sheet.

Download the New Architectural Accessories Spec Sheet