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Southern California Lighting Case Studies

Check out some of the unique and innovative lighting solutions using Lutron and other Lighting Products offered by Western Lighting and Energy Controls. 

lutron laney oakland case studyIntegrated Classroom Lighting System
Laney College, Oakland, CA

The Problem: Classroom lighting often incurs high energy costs while providing mediocre lighting quality and control. Efficient
classroom lighting solutions exist, but specifying luminaires, sensors and controls individually greatly increases design time and cost.

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energy efficient case studyEfficient Gymnasium Lighting
California State University, Fullerton

The Problem: Gymnasium Lighting was using too much energy as it was meant to be kept on throughout the majority of the day and even at night.

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wecs case study sharpPatient Room Window Shades
Sharp Memorial Hospital, San Diego

The Problem: Provide attractice, flexible window coverings that are easy to clean and allow convenient control for patients and staff.

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adaptive corridor case studyAdaptive Corridors
Latham Square, Oakland CA

The Problem: Empty corridors that are often vacant that must be lit 24 hours a day to meet safety regulation consume a significant amount of energy.

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energy efficient lighting case studyEnergy Efficient Lighting
The Energy Foundation, San Fransisco CA

The Problem: Transform office space in a landmark building into an international showcase for energy-efficient lighting.

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energy efficient lighting case studyEfficient Parking Structure
California State University, Fullerton  

The Problem: California State University at Fullerton (CSUF) is working toward a goal to become an all-LED campus with the long term objective to be a net zero energy consumer, meaning it will use only as much energy as it generates.


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