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Would you like to be clear on Prop 39 Guidelines and solutions available to your clients? How about Title 24 - are you familiar with the new Title 24 efficiency standards set to go into effect on July 1, 2014?

Western Energy Control Solutions, Lutron & Cree have developed the most comprehensive training program in the lighting and energy control industry. Sign up for our 1 day training class:

Prop 39:

  • Find out how $2.5 Billion will be awarded to Southern California Schools for energy retrofit projects
  • Find out what schools are eligible applicants and the 8 steps to receive project funding
  • Understand the guidelines on how the State of California will implement Proposition 39 Guidelines
  • Find out how to utilize the ORC (Operations Report Card)
  • And much more…

Title 24:

  • Find out the significant changes that lighting designers & installers will need to make to be in compliance
  • Understand the multi-level (dimming) controls that are now mandatory in all commercial buildings
  • Learn about demand responsive controls
  • Find out how to “partial off” occupancy sensors in corridors, stairwells, library stacks and warehouse aisles
  • And much more!

Classroom Lighting Control System (CLCS):

  • Learn about our comprehensive lighting control systems
  • Understand how easy installation can be
  • Find out best practices for configuring project labor costs
  • See product demos from Lutron & Cree
  • Meet the experts who can answer your questions
  • Let us help implement an energy audit to determine maximum energy savings