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We have winners!

We're proud to announce the winners of our ViveMan Photo competition!

FIRST PRIZE: A trip to Cabo San Lucas for two, staying at a 3 bedroom resort for four days, including airfare. The winner is Esteban Ramirez of AK Construction.


SECOND PRIZE: One day of FREE WLEC Field Service or one HJS-0 Hub. The winner is Eduardo Garcia of USC.


THIRD PRIZE: Golf for 4 ($500 value). The winner is Edger Mendoza.







FOURTH PRIZES (Five winners): Massage Heights giftcard ($100 value) plus a Lutron Toolbag ($75 value):

Allen Berchenko of AB Electrical Services
Stan Carver
Pete Mogab of Mogab Electric
David Pettingill of Digital Decora 
John Watson 

4-Allen 4-Stan 4-David 4-Pete 4-John

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our winners! It was a great competition, and we appreciate everyone participating and having fun with it! Thanks to everyone involved in setting this up and helping move ViveMan from place to place.

ViveMan is still out there ... his work is never done! Keep up the good work, Vive Superheroes!

– Jimm & Matt

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