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Lutron offers a Campus-Wide Solutions Program to help higher education campuses reduce energy costs and meet Title 24 compliance. The program strives to reduce energy usage while creating and maintaining comfortable learning and work environments.

Many environments on campus would benefit from Lutron's Campus-Wide Solutions Program, including Athletics, Education, Student Housing, Food Services, Public Safety, Healthcare and more. The Solutions Program is divided into Classroom and Hallway Solutions; both programs are easy to implement and/or retrofit (reducing labor costs), easy to use, and reliable.

In a Classroom Solution setting, for example, sensors are installed to automatically turn on when occupied and off when vacant; sensors alone can save 45% of lighting energy use in classrooms. In hallways and corridors, sensors can contribute to as much as 50% energy savings. 

All Lutron products utilize patented Clear Connect wireless technology, operating in an uncongested radio frequency band. The result is ultra-reliable communication and smooth dimming performance with no flicker or delay, without interference from other devices.

What sets Lutron's wireless technologies apart is XCT™ technology — passive infrared (PIR) sensors that distinguish between background noise and motion. This enables sensors to detect occupancy based solely on actual movement in the space. Minor motion, such as the turning of a page, is recognized by Lutron's PIR sensors. Lutron's sensors outperformed similar sensors from leading competitors in NEMA-standards testing. As intended, Lutron's Campus-Wide Solutions provides compliance with California's Title 24 requirements.

For more information on Campus-Wide Solutions using Lutron's VIVE products, and Title 24 compliance requirements, click to download the following PDFs.

Campus-Wide-Solutions-PDF-Cvr.png   Vive-Title24-Commercial-Guide-Cvr.png


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