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For those in search for lighting that is distinctive yet also meets real-world demands for performance and visual comfort, Cree offers the new FLEX Series. FLEX provides flexibility not seen in typical troffer offerings, including IES-standard broad low-glare light, color changeability, dimming control and virtually flicker-free. The FLEX Series simplifies the job by blending aesthetic appeal, design flexibility and premium performance into an expansive selection of lighting options.

image-12Some of FLEX's unique features:

Freedom of Expression

With a unique lens design, multiple lumen options and a selection of customized inner optics, the FLEX Series troffer offers remarkable design freedom to complement the designer’s vision for the illuminated space. Five inner optic choices create distinctive environments with just one fixture to specify. And for narrow plenums, the FLEX Series' sleek 3" housing is as attractive as it is accommodating.

Expanded Applications

By providing higher lumen packages that allow for increased mounting heights up to 20', the FLEX Series opens up new markets and applications in open ceiling office spaces and retail / big box stores. These packages also offer up to 6000 lumens of superior, low-glare illumination, ideal for more light-intensive applications such as hospital and school environments where code can require >75 footcandles.

Premium Performance for Demanding Specifications

A unique player in the spec-grade market, the FLEX Series is ideal for even the most challenging energy savings and control specifications. With standard 1% dimming, light levels can be easily adjusted for more lighting control and flexibility to adapt to ever-changing conditions. Exceptional flicker reduction, 145 LPW DLC Premium performance and SmartCast® Technology for intelligent lighting control make this a troffer that will be appreciated by all.

A Luminaire That Dims Responsibly

The FLEX Series troffer’s 1% dimming drastically reduces flicker and strobing, which can minimize fatigue, headaches and stroboscopic hazards. So the FLEX Series can help increase productivity and improve video telepresence applications in the office and classroom, and can improve visual comfort in healthcare settings.

For specifications on FLEX, download the product spec sheet here.

For more information, contact your Western representative. In addition, check Cree's online product availability at their West Coast Distribution Center in Ontario, CA., at this link.

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