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If you do commercial work in Southern California, you are well aware that Title 24 requires lighting control in both new and existing commercial buildings. Because of these regulations, business has become more challenging for contractors. Let's outline some of the challenges facing the EC....

The Electrical Contractors Challenges:

1. There is more demand for skilled electrical contractors.

2. Customers are demanding faster timelines to complete projects

3.  Increased requirements via energy codes in California

How can electrical contractors work within these challenges and be more efficient?
1. Install Projects Faster! Vive by Lutron is a wireless solution that provides simple control components that eliminates many steps over a traditional solution. The system saves time by utilizing three main components:
  • Load Controls -  Controls high voltage and dimming
  • Wireless sensors - Detecting movements in the space
  • Wireless remotes - Used by those who wish to control the space

The advantages of Wireless over Wired are outlined in the following video (click for video)


For more detailed information click to view/download the Vive Brochure

2. Designing Made Simple! When it comes to designing a space for lighting control, Lutron has done the work for you. Vive Typicals are a visual one-page diagram that include product positioning in the room, product quantities (including part numbers), and sequence of operating showing how the system is supposed to work in the space. Best of all, they are all TITLE 24 COMPLIANT!

Here are some of the room layouts available:
Break Room Classroom
Conference Room Egress Corridor
Multi-stall Restroom Open Office
To see more about Vive Typical - Click Here
3. Be more profitable while saving your clients money! When using a wireless system, you can win more jobs while also being more profitable. To see how, take a look at the working example below which shows a wireless bid that was 16% lower while the profit was 25% higher!



To summarize, Lutron has created a system that can help to win more jobs, make more profit, and complete jobs faster. Want to learn more? Give us a call at (858) 564-0233.


PS. Have you heard you can install Vive and win a trip to Cabo?

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