The Adventures of ViveMan!

Follow our Intrepid Hero as he spreads the Vive Message far and wide!

He’s faster than wiring, he’s instantly compliant, he’s…VIVE MAN! From the creative efforts of Western Lighting and Energy Controls, comes the hilarious new comic featuring Vive Man. The Vive Man marketing concept will be used as a fun way to promote product information about Lutron’s newest commercial controller. The goal of Vive Man each month? To swoop in and save contractors from impending doom, failed acceptance testing, and delayed deadlines! … As seen in "Electrical News" each month: All 12 episodes below!

Vive by Lutron is a modular, wireless lighting control solution for commercial applications that is easy to use, and provides simple control components eliminating costly overhead over a traditional solution and instantly meets Title 24.
  • Vive gives the flexibility needed to design buildings, with wireless capabilities to simplify installation and reduce call backs, all while maximizing productivity and building performance. 
  • Vive makes it easy to start small and expand at any time with no new wiring. Less wiring also makes installation faster and reduces labor by up to 70%. 
  • Setup is as simple as pushing a button or using a smart phone or tablet, further reducing time and labor cost, with no manufacturer commissioning required.
  • Vive uses BACnet protocol to connect with other building systems at the time of initial installation or whenever the system is ready to expand.  Lutron’s proven reliability helps contractors stay within budget and reduces time on a job. 
  • Vive is made up of four main components: a Vive Hub, occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, and dimming modules.
See Vive Man fight off a host of villains including “The Inspector,” “Cat5 Woman,” and more! All 12 episodes are now available!

NEWSFLASH! The ViveMan Cabo Photo Contest has ended. Click here to see a list of winners! 

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