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Lutron's Palladiom: High-end Aesthetic

Clean, minimalist, European designs reign supreme in the upscale home décor world. It can be challenging to finding lighting control accessories to coordinate with the desired design aesthetic.

Lutron Electronics, met the demand. Their answer? Palladiom.

Palladiom is a line of electronic accessories that includes keypads, faceplates, thermostats, and automated shades. Palladiom boasts a subtle elegant design for any space while also encompassing intuitive operation that elevates the user experience by using backlit engraved buttons that are easy to operate and easy to find in a darkened room.

The Palladiom Collection

SET THE SCENE — The Palladiom product line originates with keypads and faceplates. The beautifully finished buttons sit flush to each other and feature a consistent material to create a clean, minimalist look. The large, tactile buttons are backlit, ensuring that the text is easy to read and easy to find in any room—any time of day. Palladiom keypads are available in many different configurations in order to meet the design and lighting control demands in today’s minimalist motif married with a technologically advanced smart-home.

KEEP IT COOL — The Palladiom thermostat design perfectly matches the Palladiom keypads for a cohesive look throughout the home. Palladiom’s thermostat gives its user the same sleek, tactile, backlit, flush buttons, with low-profile mounting. The thermostat can be controlled anywhere in the world you’re your phone with the Lutron Connect App, which is compatible with most HVAC systems using the QS link.

THROW SOME SHADE — The latest addition to the Palladiom Collection is the Palladiom Shading System. This unique and modern shading system has an attention to detail and craftsmanship that has not been seen in any other automated window covering product. The simple, elegant design constitutes a visually striking, exposed bracket installation that conveys a minimalist form and deliberate simplicity.

Due to superb design and construction, the jewel-like small brackets are designed to conceal all wiring, structural fasteners, as well as the programming interface. Additionally, the design allows for a high-performance shading solution with exposed conditions, eliminating the need for custom pockets or bulky fascia.

The stunning European design scheme of the Palladiom Collection is available in several unique metallic options including: Satin Brass, Bright Brass, Bright Chrome, Bright Nickel, and Polished Graphite. Exquisite glass options are also available in black and white.

Don’t let your home’s striking modern aesthetic get ruined with traditional lighting control and shades.

Palladiom is available as a residential option for Lutron’s HomeWorks QS control system.

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